Discovering the Best: 20 Awesome Minecraft PE Servers to Join

Wed, Nov 23, 2022

Collaborative Building Projects

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) has become a phenomenon, allowing players to delve into the captivating world of Minecraft on their mobile devices. One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft PE is the ability to connect with a vast community of players through multiplayer servers. These servers offer unique gameplay experiences, collaborative building projects, and thrilling adventures. In this article, we will introduce you to 20 awesome Minecraft PE servers that are worth exploring and joining.

  1. Lifeboat:

    Lifeboat is a well-established Minecraft PE server that offers a wide range of game modes, including survival, creative, and PvP. With active player communities, regular events, and exciting mini-games, Lifeboat provides an immersive and dynamic Minecraft PE experience.

  2. Mineplex:

    Mineplex is a popular Minecraft server that extends its presence to the Pocket Edition. It features a plethora of game modes such as SkyWars, Block Hunt, and Survival Games. With its extensive selection of activities and a vibrant community, Mineplex is a server worth exploring for any Minecraft PE player.

  3. CubeCraft Games:

    CubeCraft Games is a renowned server that offers a variety of entertaining mini-games on Minecraft PE. From parkour challenges to team-based battles, this server guarantees hours of fun and excitement for players of all skill levels.

  4. Hypixel:

    Hypixel is a name that resonates with many Minecraft players, and its Pocket Edition counterpart lives up to its reputation. With a wide range of game modes, custom features, and a bustling player community, Hypixel is a must-join server for any Minecraft PE enthusiast.

  5. NetherGames:

    NetherGames is a dedicated Minecraft PE server offering a variety of game modes, including survival, SkyWars, and creative. With its focus on providing a smooth and lag-free experience, NetherGames ensures that players can enjoy seamless gameplay on their mobile devices.

  6. The Hive:

    The Hive is a well-established server that has made its mark in both the Java and Pocket Editions of Minecraft. With a wide range of game modes, community events, and friendly players, The Hive offers an inclusive and engaging experience for Minecraft PE enthusiasts.

  7. PvP Land:

    PvP Land is a dedicated PvP-focused server for Minecraft PE. It offers intense battles, competitive gameplay, and a variety of PvP modes to test your skills against other players. If you enjoy player-versus-player combat, PvP Land is the server to join.

  8. InPvP:

    InPvP is a feature-packed Minecraft PE server offering a diverse selection of game modes, including survival, creative, and parkour challenges. With regular updates, a welcoming community, and an array of activities, InPvP is a server that has something for everyone.

  9. BrokenLens:

    BrokenLens is a Minecraft PE server that focuses on providing an exceptional multiplayer experience. It offers game modes such as SkyWars, Capture the Flag, and Battle Royale. With its dedicated player base and active development team, BrokenLens ensures an enjoyable time for all.

  10. SkyBlockPE:

    SkyBlockPE brings the popular SkyBlock game mode to Minecraft PE, providing players with a unique survival experience on floating islands. Collaborate with others, expand your island, and overcome challenges to become the ultimate SkyBlock master.

  11. ExtremeCraft:

    ExtremeCraft is a versatile Minecraft PE server that offers various game modes, including survival, creative, and faction-based PvP. With its dedicated community, frequent updates, and a range of activities, ExtremeCraft provides a well-rounded Minecraft PE experience.

  12. EarthCraft:

    EarthCraft is a server that recreates a 1:1000 scale version of the Earth map within Minecraft PE. Explore famous landmarks, build cities, and embark on unique adventures across this virtual representation of our planet.

  13. Mineland Network:

    Mineland Network is a server that offers a plethora of game modes and activities for Minecraft PE players. From survival and creative modes to SkyWars and BedWars, Mineland Network ensures that players have countless options for fun and excitement.

  14. SkyRealms:

    SkyRealms is a dedicated Minecraft PE server focusing on SkyBlock gameplay. Survive on your floating island, trade with other players, and unlock new challenges as you progress. SkyRealms provides a vibrant and engaging SkyBlock experience.

  15. CubeCraftPE:

    CubeCraftPE is an expansive Minecraft PE server that offers a variety of game modes, including survival, creative, and parkour. With its unique features, custom maps, and a thriving community, CubeCraftPE guarantees hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

  16. Craftadia:

    Craftadia brings the classic Minecraft survival experience to Pocket Edition. Join a friendly and active community, embark on survival adventures, and engage in collaborative building projects within this player-oriented server.

  17. LBSG:

    LBSG (Lifeboat Survival Games) is a Minecraft PE server that specializes in fast-paced survival games. Battle against other players, scavenge for resources, and be the last one standing in this thrilling survival experience.

  18. Galaxite:

    Galaxite is a Minecraft PE server that combines survival gameplay with a sci-fi twist. Explore space-themed worlds, engage in PvP battles, and build your way to the stars in this unique server experience.

  19. SkyWarsPE:

    SkyWarsPE is a dedicated Minecraft PE server focused on the popular SkyWars game mode. Battle against other players on floating islands, gather resources, and become the last player standing in this intense PvP environment.

  20. SkyBlock Network:

    SkyBlock Network offers a collection of SkyBlock servers with various gameplay features and challenges. Start with a small island, expand your resources, and strive to become the wealthiest and most successful SkyBlock player.

These 20 awesome Minecraft PE servers provide a range of experiences, from intense PvP battles to collaborative building projects and unique gameplay modes. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures or a friendly community, there is a server on this list to suit your preferences. So, jump in, join the fun, and discover the exciting world of multiplayer Minecraft PE on these remarkable servers.

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